Seventeenth Annual William J. Murnane Memorial Lecture

13 décembre 2022 par Équipe ENiM [TheChamp-Sharing]
A Virtual Public Lecture by Dr. Marc Gabolde

Seventeenth Annual William J. Murnane Memorial Lecture

Gabolde« Ay’s Temple for Tutankhamun at Thebes. »

Date: December 15, 2022
Time: 6:00 p.m. CST
Location: Online – 

This lecture will remain on YouTube after its premiere.

Dr. Marc Gabolde is Professor of Egyptology at Paul-Valéry University – Montpellier III, Montpellier, France. He is a member of the Nilotic and Mediterranean Egypt team in the Archeology of Mediterranean societies unit. He currently is working on completing a Study of the Temples of Karnak and publication of the Tutankhamun memorial built by Ay.

Dr. Gabolde will present a chronological survey of the study of the decorated blocks recovered mainly from the Second Pylon at Karnak Temple in Luxor that formed the basis of his decades-long study and propose his reconstruction of a temple (funerary or memorial?) at Thebes (East or West?) built by King Ay to honor his predecessor, Tutankhamun.

Professor Gabolde, a renowned expert on the Amarna period, is a former scientific member of the French Archaeological Institute in Cairo, a former member and director of the excavations of the Royal Valley at the site of Amarna. He has conducted missions at Karnak, the Valley of the Queens, Tell el-Amarna, Balat and Tebtunis. His current research focus is on the late 18th dynasty and is the author of over one hundred contributions to the study of Egyptology, both in English and French.

This online event is free and open to the public.